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High quality commercial building design

Victory Star began to enter the public building design in 1990s. Based on years of research experience on commercial real estate design, it considers more about the development features of commercial buildings, so it ensures adequate resilience and flexibility in space and equipment design, so as to be convenient for the reconstruction and renewal of the project in the future, make it consistent with the needs of the trend, achieve sustainable development. Since 2005, Victory began to serve for a series of commercial real estate customers, such as Yansha, Shouchuang, Wanda, Su Ning, Kuntai, Shanghai City real estate, Rt-mart, and we have had excellent experience and advantages in design process, control points, technical requirements and other details. We emphasize the idea of taking customer as the center, service as the first for long time, can transposition thinking in unconventional design and emergency disposal, fully cooperate with the customer's work. Therefore, Victory has repeatedly been named as golden design team by Wanda Group.

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High quality residential building design

Victory Star listed in 1985. It took the civil residence as the research core, opened the door to transform from the industrial building design to civil building design. It is one of the earliest design institutes in Beijing and the whole country to carry out civil building research. After 30 years of research and practice, it has created countless famous residential works, either Li City, Palm Springs series, Longhu villa series in early stage, or recent Ocean Series, Jinke series, Hongkunlinyu villa series, all become the classic works in residential design. In recent years, it has been rated as one of the Top 10 Architectural Design Institute in China and rank front in the total list, private list and performance list of Chinese civil architectural design market. In 2014, it was rated as capital labor model enterprise and awarded by Beijing municipal government.

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Health care and pensions

Victory Star started the design of Beijing Eastern Sun City in 2001, which was the first active community of the elderly in China. It focuses on the study of pension facilities products. Via visiting the countries of developed pension, Victory learns from the experience of real estate development model and design creation, continues to actively practice in the design process of pension real estate. It has completed the design for dozens of medical health care and pensions projects. Victory has formed a R & D, design team of pension products, which is the most experienced in the company, strives to form the optimal R & D results in the whole design process of pension products, and creates more quality projects for the national pension industry , serves for the national pension policy, industrial development and the elderly population.

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Cultural tourism

Victory Star has carried out research and practice of cultural tourism projects for many years, pays close attention to the development of cultural tourism industry, highlights the cultural characteristics, focuses on the protection, inheritance and development of regional culture, actively innovates cultural tourism development model, has formed a series of planning results in the development of cultural heritage tourism, folk religious culture tourism, characteristics cultural tourism and folk leisure tourism. In cultural tourism planning, overall planning, transformation of old historical city, it provides one-stop service for the planning and design of all levels to government, enterprises and developers with a high standard and originality.

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